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Lost Car Keys

No matter what happened, Lost Car Keys are a major problem with today's cars. As manufacturers struggled to find a way to make these freedom mobiles safer, they turned the simple metal key into a security device. This idea worked better than they expected. With laser cuts, chips and transponders, replacing missing keys is a complicated process. An owner who misplaces this magic go device has an expensive and time-consuming problem. However, help is here some locksmiths have the technology to handle this issue cheaper and quicker than dealerships.

Laser Cuts and Chips

The process to make vehicles more secure started with laser keys and expanded to computer chips. A laser key has a thicker body with fewer groves and requires special blanks and equipment to cut it. In 1986, General Motors introduced a key with a built-in electronic resistor pellet. Without this electronic signal, the vehicles motor would not start.


Today's transponders work even better. The key communicates with the automobile by a radio frequency. A chip in the key transmits a very unique digital code to the vehicle as soon as the car recognizes the signal, the motor turns on. Of the 250 million vehicles on the roads today, 50 million have transponders. Although the cost of duplicating these keys ranges between 35 and 225, replacing a lost key may require replacing the vehicles computer module.

Help Is Here

Usually, locksmiths providing mobile service help stranded motorists with key problems cheaper than dealerships. A few of these enterprising professionals are equipped to cut laser keys and duplicate or replace lost transponders. Of course, each car manufacturer developed a different system for these digital codes. To keep customers moving, car manufactures designed a key duplication system which they sell to licensed locksmiths. This means a locksmith must invest a substantial sum of money to help customers. For example, Ford sells their specialized technology for 2,000 while Chrysler only charges 1,000. However, Mitsubishi needs 3,500 and a system for Nissan can cost up to 6,500.

This is great news for drivers who unsuccessfully searched for Lost Car Keys. Instead of panicking, drivers simply call the locksmith offering transponder key service. Then, the vehicle owner relaxes and waits for help to arrive. Whatever the cost, it will be cheaper and quicker than towing the vehicle to a car dealership, paying the regular mechanics hourly rates and waiting one, two or three days for parts to arrive and be installed.

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