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Safe Openings

There is a variety of ways to open a locked safe. Safe Openings are determined by the lock in which the safe has been equipped. Three methods to open a locked safe include Manipulation, Auto Dialer, and Spiking. These approaches do not include drilling and are the first methods used in attempting to gain access into a locked safe. The alternative approach for safes which do not respond to these methods is drilling. When preformed correctly, drilling is a safe and efficient way of opening a locked safe.


This method uses the three components of sight, sound, and feel when trying to gain access into a locked safe. This can be used on all safes that are equipped with a Dial Combination Lock.

Auto Dialer

This approach consists of attaching the Auto Dialer, a robotic dialing device, to the safe and Dial Combination Lock. The Auto Dialer dials every possible combination of numbers until it locates the correct combination. This method is time consuming however, it is also particularly effective.


Electronic Safe Locks are most vulnerable to the spiking approach which does not include drilling.

In some cases, drilling cannot be avoided during safe openings. There are dial safes that do not respond to the manipulation method due to light spring tolerance, wear, engineering tolerance, moving lock parts binding, or other conditions. Also, some dial safes are equipped with a manipulation proof lock. Manipulation proof locks are easily detected before any method is applied. There are instances when time is of the essence and an Auto Dialer is too time consuming. Also, because of engineering changes, not all electronic safes respond to the spiking method. A common concern of safe owners is once a safe is drilled the integrity of the safe is compromised. This is untrue. The drilling of a safe is an art. An experienced safe cracker can accomplish this task while ensuring the safe will remain in pre-drilled working condition. The small hole that is drilled to open the safe is restored and in many cases located out of sight under a dial or keypad.

A malfunctioning safe is a safe that will not open with the correct combination. The malfunction can, in most cases, be diagnosed, and the safe can be opened with methods that do not include drilling. If a server malfunction prevents a safe from opening, and drilling is required, years of experience and the correct equipment will open a safe professionally.
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